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Welcome to Fat Adapt! We are two naturopathic doctors who designed this program specifically to reset the body’s metabolism so that it can burn fat! We’ve been delivering this program in our clinics and the results are so amazing that we knew we needed to share this online. The program is based on teaching you how to train your metabolism to burn fat, maximally. We do this simply by showing you how to balance macronturients in meals. As your body learns to burn fat for fuel, you will enjoy benefits to your weight, hormones, energy, body composition – the list is endless!

We begin by offering prepared MEAL PLANS strategically balanced to promote fat adaption (AKA fat loss). We then move on to teach you how to incorporate eating guidelines into your LIFESTYLE, so that you MAINTAIN your weight loss. We also offer TIPS & TRICKS along the way, such as how to eat out and how to organize your food prep. The best part is you can follow this entire program from within your home! All of the meal plans, guidelines and videos are emailed directly to your account, so there are NO BARRIERS to follow the program set up for you. Best of all, you are never alone in this! As a member of Fat Adapt, you also have EXCLUSIVE access to the Fat Adapt Community on Facebook, where current and past members join to support each other’s goals.  Choose to Fat Adapt so that you lose it fast and make it last!


If you’re interested in gaining more information on Fat Adapt and how it could help you, email us at info@fatadapt.ca. We look forward to helping you achieve the health and body you’ve always dreamed of!

What’s included:



  • Meal plans for 12 weeks (omnivorous, vegetarian, egg & nut free), snacks included!
  • Weekly emails guiding you to the material for the week, plus a video to support you through it
  • Tools for macronutrient balancing, intermittent fasting and how to eat out without sabotaging yourself!
  • Focus on creating your own meals based on the skills you learn via Fat Adapt’s mentorship
  • Private facebook group open to invited members only, offering support throughout your 12 week Fat Adapt experience, and beyond!
  • 2 naturopathic doctors available for all questions and supporting you the entire way (one on one consultations available upon request
  • Supplement recommendations to help your body Fat Adapt more efficiently for accelerated fat loss!


The goal of the Fat Adapt program is to teach you an effective way to  lose and maintain weight for the rest of your life. We want this to be the last dietary modification you ever need to make! We believe this program needs to be accessible to everyone, and so have chosen to offer it for a

one-time fee of $650, no HST.

Remember, that the skills you learn are yours for a lifetime, as is the support in the Facebook group. We hope to see you soon!



Hi! I’m Dr. Olivia Paul ND. I’m a Naturopathic doctor and I love to help people turn their lives upside down, in a good way! The focus of my work is in weight management, as it often is the gateway to improving conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, infertility, and many more. I have worked very closely with people of all shapes, ages, and activity levels who were struggling with counting calories, carbs and days wasted being miserable and unsuccessful. I wanted to design something that was SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and FAST, (and delicious) and that is how Fat Adapt was born. Join me as I extend my reach online, and together, let’s finally get you to your goal!


Hi! I’m Dr. Holly Giannatselis ND, naturopathic doctor of all things hormonal! The majority of my practice focuses on supporting fertility in couples attempting to conceive. Often weight management is key to couples achieving their goals of having a baby or for women balancing out their hormones, which is where Fat Adapt comes in. I use this program to get my patients to their weight goals quickly, because we are usually tight on time! I love following it myself, and have used it to reach my pre-baby(ies) weight. I can’t wait to share my tips with you as you strive for your own goals!

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