Dr. Holly Giannatselis | Naturopathic Doctor
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It’s a pleasure to have you stop by!

I’m Holly Giannatselis, nature lover, food enjoyer and naturopathic doctor. These things make sense together now, but it sure took me a long while to figure this equation out. Since the day I landed in the emergency room after my cousin broke my forearm practicing his wrestling moves, I knew I wanted to help people. I always thought I would become a medical doctor, but after experiencing several hospital settings as an employee, I knew that path was not the one for me. So, one fateful day, after a nurse mentioned naturopathic medicine, I found my way. As a naturopathic doctor, I work as a guide to help you reach your full potential by working at your comfort level (with some nudging along the way). I enjoy educating on the why and how, and find fulfillment when my patients are in full control of their health. I am here to support you in all the ways my capacities allow because all I want is for you to be truly happy. Not just superficially happy. Down to the core happy. Why is this so important? Because when you have health and happiness, you can enjoy life, and nothing is better than that. I look forward to meeting you along your journey.



holly giannatselis

Holly Giannatselis, HBsc, MSc, ND

Email: holly@drhollyg.com